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Ledon: Your Potential Development® Partner
Ledon Leads the South African Nation by staying ahead of change and progress in the field of people development.  Ledon continually inspires growth and improvement within skills development, performance and potential enhancement.

Ledon Empowers the South African Nation by offering motivational, creative and inspirational guidance that will direct individuals towards goal achievement and postive change.

Ledon Develops our Nation by expanding individual and organisational potential to ultimately grow a stronger and more lucrative workforce and community.
Mission and Vision
Our mission and vision
  • Provide solution driven, innovative and cost effective solutions to all individuals and organisations
  • Promote profitable advancement of people and organisations across the country
Ledon’s exceptional strength lies in its
ability to tailor our services to every need of the individual and the organisation.
Our Values
  • Integrity
  • Dedication to excellence
  • Respect for all individuals
These are values worthy of a great organisation, and at Ledon we utilise it as anchor points in
all decisions and operations we undertake.
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Cape Town Office
Pretoria Office
PO Box 492
PO Box 2165
West Coast Village
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nonnie@ledon.co.za. Mobile: 079 495 2722. Tel: 087 809 1656
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